Amber_Nicole_Style_social_web_2Ambernicolestyle.com is a site that was created to keep all fashionistas up-to-date on current trends in fashion, provide inspiration for wardrobe ideas and fashion tips, recognize up-and-coming and established designers, stylists and other figures in fashion. Ambernicolestyle.com includes interviews from people in the fashion realm like fashion stylists, designers, bloggers, and fashionable socialites throughout the U.S., but highlighting a diamond in the rough known as Detroit.

Hailing from Detroit, website creator and stylist, Amber Nicole, always had a passion for fashion and styling since high school, which was when she began styling family members and friends for events. Amber eventually left her studies at Michigan State University to relocate to Los Angeles, one of the country’s top fashion cities, to pursue a career in fashion styling. While there, she attended the School of Style where she was introduced to and taught by Luke Storey, School of Style CEO, and Lauren Messiah, School of Style COO, different styling techniques, how the styling business works, how to prep and wrap for jobs, and also the importance of interning and assisting. She later went on to intern for stylists like Deborah Afshani, who is known in the fashion industry for her work with Vanity Fair Magazine, and celebrity stylists Shun Melson, and Maeve Reilly as well as PR Guru, Lynn Jeter, and Detroit’s own, Hoda Salameh of Styleline Magazine. She also interned at one of LA’s most premier showrooms, Chic Little Devil with two levels of designer clothing and accessories.

Since returning  home, Amber has worked with big names in the Michigan fashion industry including Hoda Salameh of Styleline Magazine, Michigan’s largest  monthly magazine. She has also assisted Detroit based stylists such as Marv Neal and Ebony Rutherford of Trishs Garage. Her roster of photographers includes: Davide Anderson, Boswell Hardwick, Christian Ogrady, Irida Mete, Breann White, DeAndre Dean, and David Booker who are all Michigan based. In addition to building her styling resume, Amber started her own store front boutique and online store, Kouture Styles, located in Detroit.

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