Personal Styling
Are you ready to define your personal style? Defining your personal style begins with knowledge and everyone has his or her own unique style.
While it may be difficult for one to discover, I am here to help. My goal is to help clients develop their own personal style and find specific wardrobe pieces that highlight it. I will help you make the most of your existing wardrobe identifying your closet staples. My client and I work together to determine signature looks based on color palette, silhouette, your lifestyle and personality. I can meet all your styling needs whether it is for upcoming trips, special events, or if you are in need of an onset stylist.

Here is how it works: We begin with an initial consultation and based on what has been discussed I will begin to pull garments to create looks specific towards your needs, we will then conduct a fitting where you will have the opportunity to see what items work and which ones do not. Finally, based on what was kept, I will save you even more time by returning the unwanted items.

Onset Styling: I can work with your creative team to help produce the perfect fashionable look by doing all the necessary pulls, fittings, returns, and setting up onset.


Personal Shopping
Shopping can be very stressful, disappointing, and time consuming. This service allows me to tackle this daunting task for you. My database of department stores, boutiques, outlets, and various designers provides me with the resources to pull the right garments specific to your needs. In addition, my contacts also give me advantage amongst many other stylists that allows me to locate that hard to find bag, shoe, or garment. I will bring wardrobe options to you to try on in the privacy of your own home. I will select the most appropriate places to shop based on your budget. Shopping made easy.


Closet Organization
No longer spend time staring for 10 minutes into your closet with the thought β€œI have nothing to wear”. Closet organization is almost guaranteed toΒ change your life; many do not realize how much of an asset an organized closet is worth to not only your wardrobe but also your life. Get excited about getting dressed in the morning. With my closet organizing expertise, I have created an organization system in which my clients’ entire wardrobe including shoes and accessories will be categorized by style, color, length, and also designer making your closet space easily accessible, luxurious and appealing. I will not only organize but will remix the clothing in your closet with new garments (if you took advantage of my personal shopping) creating looks for the entire week. How much time would this save you in the morning? Have your entire wardrobe for the week neatly styled for each day down to your accessories making your morning easier.


Closet Sweep
During your closet sweep, we go through every item in your wardrobe and determine if it belongs in your closet, to be altered, or off to consignment or goodwill. I will determine potential gaps in your closet to help make the transition to a fulfilled wardrobe a smooth and pleasant journey while making the most of your existing wardrobe and helping you identify your closet staples. After all, research says the average American spends $2000-4000 each year on wardrobe but only wear 30% of it.

Seasonal swapping is also offered where your fall wardrobe is switched out for your summer wardrobe and vice versa. The previous seasons garments will be neatly organized in your own personal storage space and the current seasons garments will be neatly organized in your closet.

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