Video Work: Impromptu Styling Video

by Saturday, January 14, 2017



I am so excited to finally share this video! The story behind how this shoot came about is very interesting. I was booked to style 5 beauty/fashion bloggers from Detroit and the day before the shoot was supposed to happen, it unfortunately got cancelled. When that happens, I usually just return all the wardrobe I have pulled so far. This time, I refused!!! I was so excited about the clothing I had pulled and I was eager to shoot everything. So! I called up the Creative Director of the shoot, Charlie, and let her know the show must go on! Charlie was able to get Chanel Oldham on board as the model and Adrian as the videographer! As you may notice, I’m all about visuals now, photos are boring! Any who, I loved how the video turned out and I love the fashion! I think the oversized jacket/coat over the should trend is becoming an Amber Nicole Style signature in my styling! Lol!

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